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the other side of life

so bright baby, so bring it baby

19 December 1988
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agatha christie, alanna/george, alhammitt, anne mccaffrey, asoiaf, atlas shrugged, bill and ted, blair/chuck, briar/sandry, calvin and hobbes, castle in the air, chronicles of narnia, circle of magic, clark kent, clark/lana, code of the woosters, college, connor shaltar, crosswords, crown duel, daemons, dalemark, dark is rising, dave the laugh, deep secret, diana wynne jones, disney, donnie darko, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, dragon army, dragonriders, drinking, ed westwick, edward cullen, edward/bella, elizabeth bennet, ellis wyatt, ender's game, fandom, fanfiction, foundation, francisco d'anconia, fred and george, frederick garland, george cooper, georgia nicolson, gossip girl, growing pains, hank rearden, harry potter, harry/ginny, hercule poirot, hetfic, hexwood, his dark materials, howell jenkins, howl's moving castle, howl/sophie, iorek byrinson, isaac asimov, jacob black, jacob/bella, jake gyllenhaal, james potter, james/lily, jay gatsby, jessie/james, jim halpert, jim/pam, john galt, jon snow, leonardo dicaprio, lily evans, lily/james, literature, lyra belacqua, lyra/will, maewen, maid marian, marauders, masterharper robinton, meliara, menolly, mike seaver, miss marple, mongolian food, mr. bingley, mr. darcy, mrs. coulter, mwpp, nancy drew, nancy/frank, nancy/ned, ned nickerson, nick mallory, nottingham, olsen twins, orson scott card, oscar wilde, pantalaimon, pern, peter pevensie, philip pullman, pride and prejudice, reading, restaurants, ricky ullman, road to el dorado, robb stark, robin hood, robin of locksley, romeo and juliet, ruby in the smoke, sally lockhart, savona, seaward, sebell, sherwood forest, sloppy firsts, smallville, soccer, soda suicides, song of the lioness, sophie hatter, sorcery and cecelia, susan cooper, sushi, tamora pierce, team rocket, the golden compass, the great gatsby, the hardy boys, the office, the princess bride, the unknowable room, thomas/kate, titanic, tom felton, twilight, vidanric, webee boys, will parry, will stanton, wodehouse